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Astoria Dining Bench

Dimensions: 42″W x 15″D x 18″H

Shown In:
Wood: Base in Brown Maple and Seat in Wormy Maple
Finish: Base in RNC-1001 Decorator White Paint and Seat in FC-47872 BelAir

Item Code: 2034-0556B-42

This design is also available in the following sizes:
2034-0557B-48: 48″W x 15″D x 18″H
2034-0558B-52: 52″W x 15″D x 18″H
2034-0559B-56: 56″W x 15″D x 18″H
2034-0560B-60: 60″W x 15″D x 18″H
2034-0561B-66: 66″W x 15″D x 18″H
2034-0562B-72: 72″W x 15″D x 18″H

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