Custom Furniture

Barkman Custom Furniture

Have you ever been searching for a  piece of furniture and just can’t find what you’re looking for? We can help. Whether you love an item from our in-line collection that just needs some small changes to fit your preferences, or you need a completely unique, true ‘from a sketch’ custom piece, we’ve got you covered. Barkman can build the furniture of your dreams at a surprisingly affordable price and efficient lead time. Contact one of our trusted dealers today to get started.

How it Works...

Barkman Furniture strives for a simple and organized process for building custom furniture. This includes communicating clearly with our dealers, returning quotes in a timely manner, and providing drawings for approval, resulting in a custom piece that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Barkman Custom Bed Sketch


Starting with a simple line drawing or detailed description of the product, we provide a quote that is processed efficiently and returned promptly. We are always available to discuss various options and offer practical advice on the best way to create each custom piece.

Barkman custom king bed with floating nightstands

Drawing for Approval

Once the quote is accepted, we provide a professional drawing for approval prior to starting production on the order. This ensures the item is built precisely to the described specifications. After drawing approval, and all of the details such as finish colors and hardware are decided, the order is processed and we begin production.

Barkman Custom Bed with floating Nightstands

The Final Product

Each piece of custom furniture is built with the same exceptional craftsmanship that Barkman Furniture is known for. Using time-honored techniques and modern innovation assures that each one-of-a-kind custom piece will provide enjoyment for generations to come.

Custom Pieces Gallery

Below are images of some of the custom pieces that we’ve had the opportunity to build over the years. Contact us today to discuss your custom furniture needs. Quote requests are returned in a timely manner and lead times are shorter than you might imagine.