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Live Edge Bar Table with Alpha Base

Dimensions: 66″W x 32″D x 42″H

Shown With:
Wood: Wormy Maple
Finish: B-Natural
Steel Base: Lunar Black powder coat

Variable top depth due to live edge

Item Code: 7006-0550-66BT

Sizes Available

Bar Tables
7006-0500-60BT: 60″W x 32″D x 42″H
7006-0550-66BT: 66″W x 32″D x 42″H
7006-0600-72BT: 72″W x 32″D x 42″H
7006-0700-84BT: 84″W x 32″D x 42″H
7006-0800-96BT: 96″W x 32″D x 42″H

Counter Tables
7006-0050-60CT: 60″W x 32″D x 36″H
7006-0055-66CT: 66″W x 32″D x 36″H
7006-0060-72CT: 72″W x 32″D x 36″H
7006-0070-84CT: 84″W x 32″D x 36″H
7006-0080-96CT: 96″W x 32″D x 36″H

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